Drive safely this winter season with the proper winter wiper blades

Replacing the windshield wipers and blades for the coming winter can save you both time and money throughout the cold months ahead. The standard wipers we use throughout the warmer months simply cannot handle the cold temperatures or the ice and snow that comes with them.

Standard wipers get frozen and hard and leave behind visually impairing streaks in their wake. These streaks make it almost impossible to see when driving at night and can be very dangerous. Making sure you're ready to drive on the winter roads is important and nothing is as important as vision when driving.

Winter wipers are specially designed with the cold temperatures, ice and snow in mind. The rubber used is able to handle up to -20 degrees while still maintaining a high level of flexibility to make sure you always have a clear view of the road.

Bring your vehicle to Toyota of Plano and make sure it gets the best quality service by our expert staff.

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