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Technology can be used to strengthen our bonds with families and friends.


Think positive during this time. Co-workers are adapting to a work-at-home setting by interacting and connecting with each other distantly by way of online meetings, but interestingly, so is everyone else.


One of the many surprises of this time is how quickly families have adopted online connecting technologies, such as Zoom and Google Meet. During this quarantine, it’s encouraging to watch tech-savvy grandkids assisting their grandparents, or even parents, in setting up conference calls. What was once the domain of business meetings is now being used as a way to see and hear each other yet remain socially distant.


Using a computer to interact with family was initially thought by some as complicated and complex, but now in the space of a few months, it has become almost routine. One thing is for sure, when this situation has run its course, most people in the Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin county will have had a working introduction to this kind of communication.


This past quarantined Easter, many families in the Dallas, Fort Worth area spent time with relatives by way of teleconferencing. Church services were conducted online. Children have had online birthday parties. Kids have had their school lessons by this method. 


It’s not a replacement for a shared experience, but we’re grateful and feel lucky that we live in a time where we can so easily connect with people.


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