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Your kids just made you their favorite teacher ever


Right now, families are together, and we think that’s what really matters above all else. This is a unique moment in which parents and children have been sequestered indoors together for a long period of time. This has presented many challenges, but we’re convinced that this close interaction will have lasting benefits on our kids’ lives.


School closings in Dallas, Denton, Collin Counties, and the rest of the State have turned parents into acting as stand-in teachers. Living rooms have been turned into classrooms. Our backyards have been turned into baseball diamonds. It’s been difficult during this time, but the parents of children in the DFW area have risen up and are meeting this challenge. 


During this time, parents have been able to work closely with their children and recognize when a child has difficulty with particular concepts or areas. This active participation will ultimately give parents a better understanding of the child’s particular needs. In the future when the Texas school year returns to normal, parents may have a better grasp of their children’s strengths and also have a greater understanding of areas where their kids need improvement.


We are in a special moment of one-on-one interaction. Parents may recognize and help cultivate hidden talents in their children. Through the process of teaching a variety of materials to children, parents might discover things about themselves that they previously didn’t know.



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