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During this time, many people are re-discovering their creative passions


Think Positive. For many people, being at home during this pandemic has caused a re-awakening of creative interest that lay dormant. If social media is any gauge to go by, people are breaking open their old watercolors and acrylic paints and creating art. That acoustic guitar that was gathering dust has been retuned and new strings have been purchased online.


It’s not just artistic exploration that has been rekindled, but a renewed interest in fitness and exercise. Since gyms have been closed, people are finding creative ways to either start of continue to move themselves. If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or Plano area, you might see more runners and walkers in our neighborhood. Whether you picked back up a paint brush, found that your voice could land you a spot on a singing competition, or built a brand new dining room table from old wood, we say keep going! 



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