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North Texans, remaining indoors, are rediscovering the art of cooking


Think Positive. Something magical is happening in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano areas, and that is people are rediscovering cooking. For some this began out of necessity, as many of people’s favorite North Texas restaurants have been closed. But even as things are slowly starting to open up, the groundwork has been established to have a new generation of people cooking at home and making better nutritional choices.


Since children have been at home, and not school, the school lunch is now served in the home dining room. A new generation of DFW area kids and young people will see cooking as something fun and a normal thing for a family to do. We think cooking from home will be a lingering and lasting positive effect after this quarantine has been lifted.


The nation-wide trend is already in motion and gaining momentum. Right now, new cooking shows are being produced with celebrities at home learning to cook. Pop star Selena Gomez and comedian Amy Schumer have new shows coming out where they cook at home. YouTube influencers are also on this trend. 


So have fun! Experiment and get into the kitchen and cook something up you never have before.


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