The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Is Built to Impress

Many customers in Plano are looking for vehicles that are safe and reliable, no matter what the conditions are. If you're someone interested in getting an SUV, check out the RAV4 Hybrid that we have here at Toyota Of Plano. These vehicles can handle themselves well even in slippery conditions, and they have sleek lines and modern elements that make them a pleasure to drive.

Several available features can be included on the RAV4 Hybrid to bump up the style and comfort. If you love the idea of seeing the sky, consider getting a panoramic glass roof that will really open things up. You could also opt for the SofTex-trimmed seats and the eight-way power-adjustable seat as premium touches.

In terms of space, there is 37.6 cubic feet of cargo room in the back. To expand the possibilities, drop down either one or both sides of the 60/40 rear bench seat.



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