Arriving Safely: The Essential Safety Features of the Toyota Tundra

Trucks are known for their toughness, strength, and reliability. Less often, however, are trucks known for their impeccable safety. However, the Toyota Tundra is working to change that, offering a multitude of safety features to help give you confidence for the road ahead.

Given the large loads you may be hauling with your Tundra, the available Blind Spot Monitor will be a welcome addition to your daily drive. Alerting you through a light in the appropriate mirror, you'll always know when it's safe to change lanes with this system in place. If a collision can't be avoided, Tundra surrounds you and your passengers with eight standard airbags, slowing and controlling your motion in the vehicle cabin no matter what part of the vehicle was hit.

At Toyota Of Plano, we think you deserve a safe ride as you drive around Plano. To experience this safe drive for yourself, then, stop by today to check out the Toyota Tundra.



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