Exterior Features Of The Toyota Prius

An increasingly popular car selection among consumers is a compact hybrid. Not only do they get great fuel efficiency, but the exterior features are great too. That is why we here at Toyota Of Plano located right in Plano, TX are so excited to tell you all about the exterior features of the new Toyota Prius.

First, drivers will love the 17-inch alloy wheels which are sure to impress your friends and family. Additionally, the clean and crisp lines of the exterior body give the Toyota Prius an unmistakable look that is sure to turn some heads as you are driving down the street. Next, we look into the LED headlights of the new Prius. These headlights will shine brighter in even the worst weather conditions giving you better vision on the roads to keep your family safe. Additionally, these LED's last longer and will be cheaper over time due to fewer replacements.



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