The Toyota Land Cruiser Puts Your Family First

Rugged and spacious, the Toyota Land Cruiser has proven a popular family SUV because it boasts room for up to eight adults in three comfortable rows. It also protects its riders with a host of safety features.

To prevent accidents, the standard Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection uses the in-vehicle camera and radar to monitor frontal hits with another vehicle or person. If that’s a possibility it issues warnings and may automatically engage braking to reduce your speed. The Blind Spot Monitor relies on external sensors to determine if a vehicle is entering your blind zone and warns you with an indicator in the appropriate external mirror.

You and your every member of your family should express an opinion on the Toyota Land Cruiser. So take everybody to Toyota Of Plano, located here in Plano, TX, and you can all take the SUV for a test drive.

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