Tire Rotation and Hydroplaning Avoidance

Hydroplaning is a clear and constant danger to each and every motorist who drives in wet or stormy conditions. Hydroplaning occurs when a thin film of water builds up between the road surface and the tire treads. When this happens, drivers can experience sudden and acute loss of control of their vehicles.

Hydroplaning can be a scary experience, but there are easy ways to avoid it. During wet road conditions, hydroplaning can occur at 40-mph or greater, so drivers operating in such conditions should reduce speed to safe levels. Similarly, automatic drive assistance systems like cruise control should be disengaged in rainy weather.

Another more passive hydroplaning prevention method involves regular tire rotation. This is the practice of periodically switching out tire positions. Doing so can help tires to wear smoothly, and symmetrical tire treads resist hydroplaning to a greater degree than uneven treads.

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