Premium Interior Design Highlights Power of Toyota 86

The superior power and performance of the new Toyota 86 is obvious from the outside. However, it is inside where the premium interior features become evident. This popular sports car exhibits the very best of Toyota expert styling with a host of offerings designed to impress drivers on the roads of Plano.

The patented Granlux trim highlights the luxurious side of the Toyota 86. This suede-like material is used in key places of the 86 such as the dash, the upper-seat bolsters, and the door panels. The "86" logo embossed above the glove box is the crowning touch on this distinct interior design.

The sporty steering wheel features an ergonomic designed engineered to feel perfect in any hands. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is equipped with all of the integrated controls that you need, ensuring that your eyes never have to leave the road in order to access what you need.



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