What to Know About the Condition of Your Tires

Did you know that by not having adequate tire tread depth on your tires you are increasing your chance at a blowout or an accident? Did you know that there are millions of drivers on the road who have inadequate tire tread depths on their tires and that while you are commuting to work that you are driving among them?

That's why we at Toyota of Plano want to raise awareness around the area so that we can get drivers in for an inspection and replacement of their tires in order to make sure that the roads are safer to drive on. If more people were to take their tire's tread depth seriously there could be many accidents and inconveniences stemming from breakdowns that could be avoided by taking a little bit of time from their busy days. We know that you may not have the proper tools to measure your tread depth, and we'd be happy to assist you. Bring your vehicle into our service center and we'll check your tires and can even rotate or change them if need be, getting you back on the road in no time with the tires that are right for the job!

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